Interface MarketQuoteDetails

Quote details of a particular symbol.


  • MarketQuoteDetails


ask: number

Asking price for the symbol.

bid: number

Bidding price for the symbol.

ch: number

Change value.

chp: number

Percentage of change between the current value and the previous day's market close.

Current time, open, high, low price and volume with HH:MM timestamp.

description: string

Description of the symbol.

exchange: string

Name of the exchange. Eg: “NSE” or “BSE”.

fyToken: string

Fytoken is a unique identifier for every symbol.

high_price: number

Highest price for the day.

low_price: number

Lowest price for the day.

lp: number

Last traded price.

open_price: number

Price at market opening time.

original_name: string

Original name of the symbol name provided by the use.

prev_close_price: number

Close price of the previous trading day.

short_name: string

Short name for the symbol Eg: “SBIN-EQ”.

spread: number

Difference between lowest asking and highest bidding price.

symbol: string

Symbol name provided by the user.

tt: number

Today’s time.

volume: number

Volume traded.

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