Interface MarketDepth

A measure of the supply and demand for a symbol.


  • MarketDepth


Offer price with volume and total number of orders.

atp: number

Average traded price.

Bidding price along with volume and total number of orders.

c?: number

Price at the of market closing.

ch: number

Change value.

chp: number

Percentage of change between the current value and the previous day's market close.

expiry: string

Expiry date.

h?: number

Highest price for the day.

l?: number

Lowest price for the day.

lower_ckt: number

Lower circuit price.

ltp: number

Last traded price.

ltq: number

Last traded quantity.

ltt: number

Last traded time.

o?: number

Price at market opening time.

oi: number

Open interest.

oiflag: false

Boolean flag for OI data, true or false.

oipercent: number

Change in open Interest percentage.

pdoi: number

Previous day open interest.

totalbuyqty: number

Total buying quantity.

totalsellqty: number

Total selling quantity.

upper_ckt: number

Upper circuit price.

v?: number

Volume traded.

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