Interface MarketDepth

A measure of the supply and demand for a symbol.


  • MarketDepth


askQuantity: number

Total selling quantity.

asks: MarketOffer[]

Offer price with volume and total number of orders.

bidQuantity: number

Total buying quantity.

bids: MarketOffer[]

Bidding price along with volume and total number of orders.

closePrice?: number

Price at the of market closing.

currentPrice: number

Last traded price.

exchange: Exchange

Name of the exchange. Eg: “NSE” or “BSE”.

expiryDate: string

Expiry date.

highPrice?: number

Highest price for the day.

lowPrice?: number

Lowest price for the day.

lowerCircuitPrice: number

Lower circuit price.

name: string

Short name for the symbol Eg: “SBIN-EQ”.

openInterest: number

Open interest.

openInterestChangePercent: number

Change in open Interest percentage.

openPrice?: number

Price at market opening time.

previousOpenInterest: number

Previous day open interest.

priceChange: number

Change value.

priceChangePercent: number

Percentage of change between the current value and the previous day's market close.

symbol: string

Symbol name provided by the user.

token: string

A unique identifier for every symbol.

tradedDate: number

Last traded time.

tradedPrice: number

Average traded price.

tradedQuantity: number

Last traded quantity.

upperCircuitPrice: number

Upper circuit price.

volume?: number

Volume traded.

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