Interface Position

Current open and closed position for the current trading day.


  • Position


buyPrice: number

Average buy price.

buyQuantity: number

Total buy qty.

buyValue: number

Total buy value.

crossCurrency: boolean

Is it a cross currency position?

currentPrice: number

LTP is the price from which the next sale of the stocks happens.

id: string

The unique value for each position.

netPrice: number

Net average price.

netQuantity: number

Net qty.

productType: ProductType

The product type of the position.

quantity: number

Absolute value of net qty.

quantityMultiplier: number

Incase of commodity positions, this multiplier is required for p&l calculation.

rbiRefRate: number

Incase of cross currency position, the rbi reference rate will be required to calculate the p&l.

realizedReturns: number

The realized p&l of the position.

returns: number

The total p&l of the position.

segment: Segment

The segment in which the position is taken.

sellPrice: number

Average sell price.

sellQuantity: number

Total sell qty.

sellValue: number

Total sell value.

The side shows whether the position is long / short.

symbol: string


token: string

A unique identifier for every symbol.

unrealizedReturns: number

The unrealized p&l of the open position.

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