Interface Trade

Trade for the current day across all platforms and exchanges in the current trading day.


  • Trade


clientId: string

Client id.

exchange: Exchange

The exchange in which order is placed.

id: string

The unique id to sort the trades.

orderDate: string

The time when the trade occured in “DD-MM-YYYY hh:mm:ss” format in IST.

orderId: string

The order id for which the trade occurred.

orderType: OrderType

The type of order.

price: number

The traded price.

productType: ProductType

The product in which the order was placed.

quantity: number

The total traded qty.

segment: Segment

The segment in which order is placed.

side: OrderSide

The trade is buy or sell.

symbol: string


token: string

A unique identifier for every symbol.

value: number

The total traded value.

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