Interface OrderUpdateNotification

Order update notification from WebSocket.


  • OrderUpdateNotification


date: string

The order time as per DD-MMM-YYYY hh:mm:ss in IST.

disclosedQuantity: number

Disclosed quantity.

filledQuantity: number

The filled qty after partial trades.

id: string

The unique order id assigned for each order.

limitPrice: number

The limit price for the order.

message: string

The error messages are shown here.

offline: boolean

True when placing AMO order.

parentId?: string

The parent order id will be provided only for applicable orders.

productType: ProductType

The product type.

quantity: number

The original order qty.

remainingDisclosedQuantity: number

Remaining disclosed quantity.

remainingQuantity: number

The remaining qty.

side: OrderSide

The order is buy or sell.

status: OrderStatus

The status of the order.

stopPrice: number

The stop price for the order.

symbol: string

The symbol for which order is placed.

token: string

A unique identifier for every symbol.

tradedPrice: number

The average traded price for the order.

type: OrderType

The type of order.

validity: OrderValidity

Day or IOC.

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